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Please read the following prior to submitting any information to Prim & Prim, PLLC (hereafter "Prim & Prim" or the "firm") via the firm's website.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

The information found on the pages of this website is not intended to serve as legal advice from the attorneys of Prim & Prim. Further, any information provided by individuals via this website does not initiate an attorney-client relationship between Prim & Prim, the attorneys representing the firm, and any third party. The only method through which an attorney-client relationship may be established with Prim & Prim or the attorneys representing Prim & Prim is through the signing of a written engagement agreement.

Submitted Information Is Not Encrypted

Please use caution when submitting personal information to Prim & Prim via this website. While the firm will not sell your information to third parties, the messages are not encrypted and, therefore, may be intercepted. If you would prefer to meet with an attorney to discuss your legal issues in person, please contact the firm directly.

Licensed Only In Texas

The attorneys of Prim & Prim are not licensed in any state other than Texas. As such, this website does not intend to provide information to individuals with non-Federal legal issues requiring representation outside of Texas. Further, this website was developed to comply with the advertising rules of the State of Texas and has not been written to comply with the rules of any other state.

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