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How do we help?

Breach of Contract

Did a tenant leave before the end of their lease? Did your tenant fail to follow the terms of the lease?

Contract breaches come in many different forms and we have experience in evaluating and litigating breach of contract claims.


Do you need to evict because your tenant has not paid their rent on time or at all?

Are you considering evicting a tenant because they violated their lease?

We have experience in handling evictions and appeals for nonpayment of rent and lease violations.

Security Deposit Reconciliation

Do you need advice regarding a security deposit reconciliation? Do you know to exclude wear and tear, but need some help determining what qualifies?

We have experience advising landlords and litigating security deposit disputes.

Lease Abandonment

Do you know or suspect that your tenant abandoned a property before the end of their lease? 

We can help you analyze your rights and responsibilities under your lease and the law.

Lease Termination

Has a tenant complained about the condition of your rental property? Do you need guidance on what may be required under the property code?

We have experience with those cases, too.

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