How do we help?

Breach of Contract

Did your landlord fail to follow your lease?

Contract breaches come in many different forms and we have experience in evaluating and litigating breach of contract claims.


Are you facing an eviction lawsuit?

We have experience in handling evictions and appeals for nonpayment of rent or lease violations.

Security Deposit Reconciliation

Did your former landlord withhold all or part of your security deposit? Do you disagree with the amount of your deposit that the landlord returned?

We have experience litigating security deposit disputes.


Did your landlord raise your rent, terminate your lease, or attempt to evict you after you asked for repairs or tried to assert another right under your lease?

If you are up-to-date on rent, there is a chance you may have a retaliation claim. We can evaluate your situation.

Lease Termination

Is a leased property endangering you or your family's health and safety? Do you need to move?

We have experience with those cases, too.

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